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Brookside Roofing Ltd. provides installations of new roofs on both existing structures and new construction. We serve residential, commercial and industrial clients in Fredericton and surrounding areas, including Douglas and Nashwaak Bridge, as well as surrounding communities such as Stanley, Doaktown, Boiestown, New Maryland, Fredericton Junction, Woodstock, Charters Settlement and other areas in New Brunswick.

At Brookside Roofing Ltd., we specialize in all types of shingles and roof types:

  • 3-and-1 architectural shingles
  • Modified bituminous roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Rubber roofs
  • Aluminum roofs
  • Asphalt roofs
  • Fibreglass roofs
  • Tar and gravel roofs
  • Roof repairs
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See What We Can Do

We can complete all aspects of your project from beginning to end

Brookside Roofing Ltd.
House with new roof

Emergency Service

We offer emergency roof repairs after hours and on weekends

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

We offer painting, re-nailing and resealing, and expert repairs for metal roofs.

Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation and Ventilation

Installing Styrofoam® roof vents for extra ventilation and adding blown-in cellulose insulation has become increasingly popular recently. One reason is that it is so easy to add insulation to your home from your rooftop. Usually we can work from outside the structure and there is no messy process to slow things down. We can break boards or cut through sheets of plywood (whichever your roof deck is constructed from) and create small areas where we can position the machine to blow in the insulation. We’re careful not to cover the soffit areas, so as not to interfere with ventilation. Buildings and homes with a small crawlspace or those with no crawlspace access may require that we go inside to complete our work.

We also cut holes in plywood along the soffit areas and cover them with vents for proper ventilation. We install eavestroughing on buildings, as well.

Rooftop Snow and Ice Removal

Rooftop Snow and Ice Removal

If we need to go on commercial buildings in the winter time, we can create little tunnels or pathways for the water to help divert a leak. We spread calcium chloride to melt the ice on top that’s blocking the water beneath it, breaking up the ice and allowing the water to be set free. The cut pathways divert the leak and the water flow is arrested by removing the heavy ice build-up.

Eavestroughing Installations

Other Services

In addition to a full line of professional roofing services Brookside Roofing Ltd. also offers eavestroughing installations and more. We complete many roof repairs both in general and around chimney bases. We also complete NB Housing (Social Development) projects pertaining to the contract outlined for the customer. We can complete a roof inspection as well, although if we’re required to submit a written report there is a nominal charge.

Depending upon the customer’s needs, we also offer some construction services, including the installation of siding and eavestroughing and the building of new decks and garages. Contact us for more details if interested.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency Repairs

We offer service after hours and on weekends for emergency roof repairs, but if your roof is leaking, we can’t work on it until it’s dry because no sealant is going to work properly on a wet surface. We will respond immediately to provide repairs for an emergency leak once it has stopped raining and the roof is dry enough for us to work on it.

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